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Carpet in Falmouth, MA

Life on the Cape means constant air conditioning in the summer months and frigid air in the winter. Having carpet in your home can help keep things cozy in the winter and climate control in mid-August.

At Carpet Barn Carpet One Floor & Home  in Falmouth, MA, we have modern carpet that’s fashionable for every season. Our onsite flooring specialists can help you find the perfect carpet floor for every room.


What is Carpet Pile?

Today, you’ll find more types of carpet available than ever before.

Carpet pile, or the fibers that weave your rug together, determines how your carpet will handle wear, tear, and potential stains. Carpet pile can be sourced from either natural or synthetic fibers.


  • Nylon – One of the more popular options, this synthetic pile is sturdy and soft, it does need to be pre-treated to prevent staining.
  • Polyester – A less pricy alternative to nylon carpet, polyester rugs are not quite as enduring. However, polyester products do have natural stain-fighting abilities and don’t require treatment.
  • Triexta – A durable synthetic fiber, triexta is seriously soft and resists most stains.
  • Olefin – Also called polypropylene, this synthetic fiber is usually found in pattered rugs and carpets. It’s intended for fashion as opposed to heavy function.
  • Wool – Organic and warm, wool carpets are easy to clean and colorful. Consider wool if you suffer from allergies, since its thick fibers trap debris and dust.  

What Are the Different Types of Carpet?


Modern carpet spans three major construction types: cut-pile, loop pile, and cut-loop carpets. Each type of carpet brings unique perks and challenges.


  • Cut-pile carpet is woven with fibers attached to the backing, with loops trimmed at varying lengths and twists.
  • Loop pile carpet means looped fibers are left to stay intact, though the loop lengths themselves might vary.
  • Cut-loop carpets combine both cut and loop piles onto a single backing, creating various patterns and designs. 


Can I Use Carpet If I’m a Parent or Pet Lover?

The short answer is YES, but it’s important to shop carefully!

Thanks to modern manufacturing advances, there are ample carpet options that can coexist with kids and pets. Stain-resistant and moisture-resistant carpet is made with added features like an absorbent core.

Puppy puddles or spilled juice boxes are trapped on your floor’s surface. In most cases, such accidents can be solved using little more than fresh, clean water and a towel.

Where Can I Install Carpet

Modern carpet can be installed nearly anywhere in your home or business, except for bathrooms and kitchens.

Among the popular sites for carpet installation are:

  • Bedrooms
  • Offices
  • Playrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Finished Basements
  • Hallways
  • Stairways
  • Seasonal Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Commercial Spaces


Should I Have My Carpet Professionally Installed?

In most cases, yes!

Carpet is complicated to self-install and if you’re not experienced, it can go wrong quickly.  To ensure your overall satisfaction – and ongoing protection with your product warranty - we strongly recommend opting for a professional installation.


There are many valid reasons for having us do the installing:

  • Expertise: Professional installers understand the different types of carpet and their needs, and have seen it all.
  • Subfloor Prep: If your subfloor isn’t clean and even, problems can show up down the road.
  • Proper Tools: Most of us don’t have the special tools needed to install carpet, like knee kickers and seam rollers.
  • Accurate Measurements: This is important to eliminate waste and create a seamless appearance.
  • Safety: New carpet needs to be firmly secured to prevent future trips and falls.
  • Post Installation: If issues arise after your new floor’s in place, professional installers can address them quickly!


Shop Carpet Near You in Falmouth, MA | Carpet Barn Carpet One

As a member of Carpet One, one of the largest independent flooring cooperatives in North America, we have the buying power of a national company with the personal touches of a locally owned family store, incredible variety, competitive pricing, and professional services.

We have access to the best carpet brands, including:

  • Mohawk
  • Shaw
  • Karastan
  • Stanton
  • Fabrica
  • Masland

When you shop with us, you can enjoy incredible perks like easy financing options, competitive warranties, and even get flooring samples delivered to your door.

Come to our showroom, located at 719 Main Street in Falmouth, MA, to see our carpet in person or start browsing our carpet online to get started right now.

Choosing Your Best Carpet

Learn how to choose the right carpet for your room with this easy checklist of things to consider. Finding the best carpet is easy when you understand your needs!
Greige carpet living room green chair.

Best Product Warranties for Carpet

Even the best carpet has its days. Protect and plan for whatever tomorrow brings with our competitive product warranties. Worry less, enjoy your floor more!
Beige carpet living room with ficus tree.
Greige Berber carpet in living room with fireplace

Find Carpet Near You

From plush pile to hefty Berber, we have carpet in all your favorite brands, with selections to spice up every type of setting, space, and style.


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