• Jun 25, 2018
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Trending Finishes in Bathroom Design

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Contributed By: Linda Mazur 

Over recent years we’ve seen our bathrooms evolve into a space designed more for relaxation and luxury, not just functionality. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is large or small, or prefer a charming rustic look or something more refined, if you desire a Zen-like oasis or a fun space for the kids, when looking to renovate a bathroom your design should bring together all that is the best of what you desire for your home. With all the beautiful finishes and fittings available to us today, it’s not difficult to envision a bath space that will deliver large on beauty, drama and aesthetics.

Color is always a great element to introduce in to any space, so why should your bathroom be any different. This is not just about adding color to your room by way of your wall surfaces and accessories, but also with tile selections, fittings and even fixtures. Today what is on trend and fashionable can be seen by latest collections introduced from luxury British bathing brand, Victoria + Albert offers a great selection of external color tones meant to inspire and coordinate with your bathroom décor to create a style all your own.

Victoria + Albert Baths

Worcester Freestanding Tub in ENGLISHCAST® White by Victoria + Albert

In addition to their original high-gloss white ENGLISHCAST® finish, the brand is now offering six distinctive new external finishes including: Gloss Black, Anthracite, Stone Grey, Light Grey, Matte Black and Matte White. Each finish is multi-layered using a special catalyzed paint, and hand polished between applications, resulting in an exceptional depth and luster that is considerably more durable than hand painted surfaces. These classic shades of grey and warm dark tones are found not only on tubs, but basins and vanity furniture as well providing us with abundant creative inspiration to create wonderful, fun, unique and dramatic bathroom spaces.

Victoria + Albert Baths

Ravello Freestanding Tub in Stone Gray by Victoria + Albert

The elegant statement made by a gloss black free-standing tub accompanied by a beautiful marble floor, stunning bathroom fittings, a bespoke custom vanity and a soft grey wall tone can be unchallenged.  However, the appeal of a stone grey tub and basin blended with reclaimed wood for a fantastic vanity can create an edgier look to your relaxed rustic designs.  Or perhaps your thoughts are more in-line with creating a fun bathroom for the kids, a matte black tub can be a wonderful starting point for an explosion of color that will create an entertaining bath space customized just for the little ones in your family.

Victoria + Albert Baths

Barcelona 3 Freestanding Tub in Gloss Black by Victoria + Albert

Whatever your personal style and direction for your bathroom renovation, we can undoubtedly agree that injecting color to your space by way of a tub or basin can definitely be rewarding.  A statement piece such as this can set you on your way to creating a dramatic bathroom of your dreams. 


  • When working with colored fixtures ensure you have a clear vision of the overall finished design look and is balanced. 
  • When in doubt look to working with a professional to maximum the design space possibilities.

Linda Mazur is the Principal Designer of Linda Mazur Design Group

Linda Mazur is a nationally-publicized designer and principal of Linda Mazur Design Group. Backed by almost two decades of experience, this in demand, multi-disciplinary design firm is known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds. @LindaMazurGroup

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